Inverse World - Drill Through The Sky

Utter Nonsense!

What does a crew get up to when nothing else is happening? Utter nonsense!

While Captain Bluegrey and the Doctor try to sort out what to do next, Akira is challenged for her first mate status and gives it up without a fight to brave Abeiron!

For honor! Akira follows up by attacking crew veteran King. King manages to avoid all of the mechanic’s wrench swings and shoot the goblin several times. Just as the Doctor is about to stop all the ruckus, Akira reveals that she will destroy the ship with explosives if King doesn’t stop his attack!

An exasperated Captain Bluegrey reminds the crew that Akira is the only mechanic on the ship right now and should be given a wide birth.

Meanwhile, young looking Tetsu took to the skies with swabby crew member R. Skelly. He and skelly end up on an unfortunate trade vessel. Discovering that it carries a rare, and expensive spice, Tetsu finds himself…CAPTURED. While Skelly pretends to be a harmless pile of bones, the trade vessel keeps Tetsu brigged but not for long. The skydancer escapes, turning the ship over and dumping out most of the crew on the deck.

He strikes a deal with Captain Mako to give up the expensive spice in exchange for her not dismantling the ship for parts so that he may try to begin his own crew.

The engine of the Righteous Indignation repaired, the ship sputters on while towing Tetsu’s spoils behind.

A Town Under Siege
Big Trouble In Little Shadowmist Port

Oh no!

As they reached the pier to leave the seedy town, our heroes (rejoined by Akira and Izo) discover that the docks are overrun with the Coalition Navy in search of something.

Having discovered the rough location of the Righteous Indignation above the island. Abe, Akira, and Tetsu decided to take to the ceiling of the island in order to burrow through to their ship. The Doctor decided to take a slower, but no less dangerous, approach by charming information from the Coalition Navy. He discovered that they were looking for his very workshop.

Using his keen knowledge of this island, as one of its inhabitants, the Doctor bravely made his way up to the surface of the island via a long forgotten staircase.

Danger was afoot with the other part of the crew! Tetsu, in an attempt to help supercharge Izo, nearly electrocuted Akira. The three of them were unable to surface where they’d intended!

A struggle ensued to reach the ship. through various means.
The Doctor convinced the navy that he was, in fact, an undercover contact of theirs in the island with a dire information for their commanding officer.
Abe used his flying shield to power his way through the crowding navy at the base of the ship, taking several shots from their pistols as he went, suffering moderate injury.
Tetsu took to the skies!
And Akira lept bravely into the fray in her Izo suit, joining the Captain in melee combat on the deck of the Righteous Indignation.

The Doctor was able to fake an order to retreat by telling the Navy the location of his beloved workshop to save his old student, Mako Bluegrey. The crew set about fighting the remnant officers on their ship. The final officer was slain by Izo’s fearsome drill but the robotic suit finally succumbed to the devastation of combat, falling into pieces off of Akira.

The Righteous Indignation made a daring escape! Tetsu attempted to give the crew cover of fog with his weather related powers, giving them a new obstacle on accident!

Suddenly, another ship loomed in their way and poor Akira at the wheel was unable to avoid colliding with it. The Righteous Indignation split the ship in two, taking heavy damage to its hull. The crew emerged from the fog into a crossfire of cannons between two ships, blowing several holes in the Righteous Indignation!

Angrily, Captain Mako took back her ship wheel from first mate Akira, with the goblin quickly retreating to the burning engine room as warning klaxons rang out across the ship. Through quick thinking, and good use of resources, Akira was able to stabilize the engine of the sinking ship so they could continue their dramatic escape but alas a rival pirate ship blocked their way!

Abe, Tetsu, and the Doctor took to the cannons, each firing successfully by immeasurable fortune! They were able to completely destroy the enemy ship in mere seconds, allowing the dangerously injured Righteous Indignation to limp its way away from the besieged island.

Our heroes barely managed to survive the day without capture, making their way to the skies once more. But what awaits them in the thick cloud cover…?

A Seedy Town
What Answers Lie In Wait?

Our heroes find themselves at the dark and mysterious hidden city: Shadowmist Port.

The city is nestled firmly into the side of a hard to find island in the thicker reaches of the cloudsea. They set out into the city on Captain Mako’s orders to seek an old contact of hers that might be able to shed some light on the mysterious equipment. While Akira elected to stay behind on the ship to enact repairs on both the engine and her beloved companion, Izio; Abe and Tetsu set forth into the outlaw colony to seek answers.

And answers they found, but also more questions within the neon lit workshop of the old and self proclaimed Doctor Professor WIlhelm von Richtenstein Esquire – Warlock Surpeme, a collector of the old and mystical. The shop led them in winding hallways until they found the Doctor struggling to contain a loose specimen. After subduing the fearsome drop bear, they were able to shed light on one of their discoveries.

The good Doctor believed that he knew the owner of that tower, an honest to goodness wizard. He explained that the amber encased scale they’d found within the workshop was actually one of seven magical scales that could reawaken the fearsome and legendary World Seprent, devourer of islands.

Having learned this, the group ventured into the city to try their hand at earning money.

Brave, young Abeiron entered into an underground wrestling contest. He was able to stand his ground against the feared DROP BEAR, before losing his nerve against the seasoned wrestling veteran: Rock Hawk. Champion of the Coalition, Rock Hawk was eventually brought down by the combined cage match efforts of Tetsu, the Doctor, and Abe.

From then on Abe was signed on to wrestle on every island he visited, and our heroes continued toward the pier to return to Captain Mako with their findings, only something wasn’t right…

A Mysterious Tower
Something Wicked This Way Comes

We once again join our heroes as they stumble upon a tall tower within the dense mists of the cloud sea. Out of the frying pan and into the oven! In their desperate escape from Sentry Island, they found their way to a seemingly abandoned place with a tower that seemed to reach upward forever.

Young Tetsu was able to fly to the globe shaped top, and on the way up he noticed a strange silhouette staring back at him from one of the windows.

Within, they found a mysterious workshop that contained equipment that none of them had seen before.

But they were not allowed to spend long examining the forbidden laboratory, as river of spiders poured from the walls! Suddenly it was a race to the top of the tower to escape, where they ran into spiders the size of horses.

Discovering that the beasts didn’t like light, they were able to buy some time with Izo’s light emitting power. Our heroes scooped up as many strange artifacts as they could carry in their attempt to escape the terrifying tower.

Just out of spite, Akira depleted all of Izo’s power reserves to sink the tower into the cloudsea below on their departure. But where would their perilous journey take them next…?

Trouble on Sentry Island


We meet our intrepid heroes for the first time from the inside of a Coalition jail cell.

Abeiron Fitzroy: brave and proud sole survivor of his people, discovering some of the downsides of using an outlaw ship as a means of travel.

Tetsu: A mysterious and peppy skydancer with the face of a young boy, forced by destiny to meet the crew of the Righteous Indignation, despite his good nature and lack of love for pirates.

Akira: A goblin from the flying turtle Tomo. Akira is a mercenary veteran of the war, having traveled the cloudsea with her faithful robot dog Izo. Only time will tell how she came to be first mate of the Righteous Indignation.

Lastly, Captain Mako Bluegrey: Captain of the feared Righteous Indignation, infamous terror of the clouds. She is known for making sudden and devastating attacks on Coalition islands.


The Coalition Navy was unable to keep our brave heroes locked away! A bit of guile convinced easily dispatched guards that Tetsu wasn’t feeling well. The crew fled to the Righteous Indignation and made their heroic escape, blasting through the Islands defenses and destroying a pursuit ship as they fled.

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