Abeiron 'abe' Fitzroy


Where did you come from?
-only survivor of a cataclysmic heavensfall from the ceiling abovr that engulfed the small island abe was born and raised on. Abe is a genius child, thought of as a prodigy and was being groomed to be the next king of the sonatans, from the Isle of sonata. The islanders, which not particularly known for their intellect, consisted of mostly physical laborers specializing in building reconstruction so having a baby born and showing signs of both mental and physical prowess was a celebrated event. Unfortunately when abe was 8 years old when his people were massacred by nature’s unpredictable and unforgiving wrath.

Where are you going and why?
as abes father’s crushed lungs gasped for a few last breaths, he shouted one last thing before he succumbed to deaths comforting womb: ’find your unc- on – blood – - red – tattoo – - octopus.’
-abe is on a quest to find his uncle, whereabouts unknown, with a blood red octopus tattoo. Abe needs needs a home and ‘family’ to grow up with.

Where are your family? (they don’t all have to be in one place, duh)
-abes mother died during child birth, which was taken as a blessing of strength and virility amongst his people. His father died during the cataclysmic heavensfall that eliminated his entire civilization. There is an uncle (and other family members?) that are somewhere in the world.

What is one unique thing about you?
-As smart as an adult and as strong as a teenager but is only 10 years old.

How did you get that way?
-born this way. Also raised and treated like am adult since the age of 4 by abes father and everyone in the village to teach him leadership qualities and amass a sense of responsibility.

What do you (the character) think/feel about that unique trait that you have?
-abe has been told all of his life that he needs to become a man of integrity and will eventually be responsible for the entire population. This has engorged his ego into thinking that he should be respected everywhere he travels. He is appalled when strangers do not make direct eye contact and bow as he passes them on the street.

-race: the gleam//half humanoid, half gecko. Stands on 2 legs usually but will charge on all fours. Large, gripping hands and feet. The skin appears to be softer than a humans but is actually more pliable and elastic. The skin is semi translucent, especially on the stomach. Some say their hearts can be seen beating if You look closely enough. Uses a giant tale for balance (could be used as weapon but typically only in self defense). Appendices may be grown back after 3 weeks of bed rest. As comfortable in/around water as they are on land although they do prefer warmer climates. The gleam shed their skin once a week or every two weeks, depending on how dry their current climate is.

How did you come to be in the pirate ship?
- The city boasts of fine food, art, wine. Vitascus is a mega metroplex with 1 million residents and another 5 million tourists at any given time. Abe came to this great city in hopes to find information on his uncle with the blood red octopus tattoo. As soon as he arrived, he heard his stomach growl. Even audible over the roar of the masses, this proved to be quite a dilemma. As abe is underage (10 years) to do any sort of legal paid work, he has learned to steal food and currency from vendors and passerbys to survive. He typically uses his ability to climb on walls and ceilings to get snatched small valuables from unsuspecting civilians. He was passing by a heavily guarded noblemans exotic food cart which his stomach would not let him ignore. The scent of roasted glum bug reminded him of seoras, his previously demolished home. Knowing he could not afford even one item from the absurdly overpriced vendor, he tried to blend in with a group of humans as they were the only group near the vendor. A bout of uneasiness filled him as He started to walk nonchalantly past the cart to lift a kabob off the grill. The gleam was seen by one of the guards scanning the area and abe immediately ran towards the airship dock. He knew the punishment for stealing in vitascus is have both arms dismembered and being banished for life. Abe turned a corner and was finally out of sight. He was at the back of a cheap Inn, known for housing pirates and the like. A large, empty chest was standing open as if arms were yearning for his presence. He climbed inside, hoping the guards would overlook his new found sanctuary. Thinking of where to go next, the chest was suddenly hoisted from both sides was gently rocking back and forth; the cadence of walking. Scared it was the guards who found him, abe did not make a peep. Little did he know, an adventure was on the brink..


Abeiron 'abe' Fitzroy

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