Tetsu Vesperia

Human, End of Arms and Legs are transparent teal, white Hair with a braided ponytail, two different colored eyes one teal one orange, steampunk/pirate like gear.



Name: Tetsu Vesperia

Age: 20

Time aging stopped: 10


White messy hair tow different eye colors one orange and one teal, the ends of my arms and legs transparent a teal like color part of having this thing called “The Sky Gem” infused with my body, people tell me I am strange but they love my happy go lucky attitude and my views on the unknown

Class: Sky Dancer

Where did I come from: I came from a lil Island in the the island ring a small town called Steel Wind

Where am I going and why:

Any where and everywhere after I gained my freedom I will never lose it again the world is my play ground and the sky the route I choose
Where are my family: They are all dead after our island was attacked by sky pirates.
What is one unique thing about me: I am eternally youthful.

How did I get that way:

It happened while I was held captive by the sky pirates a treasure they stole infused with my body, I never had the ability to fly with the wings I was given they be to small, My father always told me that they would grow but that was not the case in truth I would never know because the treasure that fused with me gave me internal youth but also the power to fly a magical time with great power my lil wings I had vanished at this time also.

What do I think/feel about the one unique thing:

Internal youth means internal life as long as you don’t get sick or die by a mortal wound, the set back to it is I can’t grow so being 20 and looking like I am 10 gets in the way of the finer things in life like booze and lady’s so my dad would tell me I am not so lucky, all in all though there is a big world out there I might have the time to see it all time to make it count do everything for fun and nothing else.

Tetsu Vesperia

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