Inverse World - Drill Through The Sky

A Seedy Town

What Answers Lie In Wait?

Our heroes find themselves at the dark and mysterious hidden city: Shadowmist Port.

The city is nestled firmly into the side of a hard to find island in the thicker reaches of the cloudsea. They set out into the city on Captain Mako’s orders to seek an old contact of hers that might be able to shed some light on the mysterious equipment. While Akira elected to stay behind on the ship to enact repairs on both the engine and her beloved companion, Izio; Abe and Tetsu set forth into the outlaw colony to seek answers.

And answers they found, but also more questions within the neon lit workshop of the old and self proclaimed Doctor Professor WIlhelm von Richtenstein Esquire – Warlock Surpeme, a collector of the old and mystical. The shop led them in winding hallways until they found the Doctor struggling to contain a loose specimen. After subduing the fearsome drop bear, they were able to shed light on one of their discoveries.

The good Doctor believed that he knew the owner of that tower, an honest to goodness wizard. He explained that the amber encased scale they’d found within the workshop was actually one of seven magical scales that could reawaken the fearsome and legendary World Seprent, devourer of islands.

Having learned this, the group ventured into the city to try their hand at earning money.

Brave, young Abeiron entered into an underground wrestling contest. He was able to stand his ground against the feared DROP BEAR, before losing his nerve against the seasoned wrestling veteran: Rock Hawk. Champion of the Coalition, Rock Hawk was eventually brought down by the combined cage match efforts of Tetsu, the Doctor, and Abe.

From then on Abe was signed on to wrestle on every island he visited, and our heroes continued toward the pier to return to Captain Mako with their findings, only something wasn’t right…


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