Akira Ironskin

Goblinkind/Fox-Humanoid. Clothed in a blue plated jump suit. Has hard leather fingerless gloves and steel toed boots. Her head is covered in an old aviator helmet and goggles. A thick scarf covers her face and neck.


Age: 285

Look: Akira is about 4’10 and when she is suited up in Izo she stands at 6’. No one aside from her family and Orion (Mako is the only member of the pirate crew to have seen her face) has seen her outside of her jumpsuit and head cover. Her only notable features are her starry purple eyes which she never covers (unless shes working), her nails/claws and her ears and tail which are black with white tips. She is almost always wearing her plated jumpsuit which is blue in color as well as protective gloves and steel-toed boots. Covering her head is her fathers old aviator helmet and goggles as well as a large scarf wrapped around her face and neck. Were one to see her without her gear they would find a small humanoid girl with long black hair with white tips (usually in a bun) as well as fox like ears and a tail. Without her jumpsuit shes always dressed in a cotton shirt and cargo shorts.

Other info.: Has an off-putting, take-no-shit attitude which hides her almost fragile ego. She uses it as a shield to keep from being emotionally damaged. The reason for her attitude will be revealed in later posts in the forum as I release her backstory.

Mechanical Wonder “Izo”: Due to Akira’s skill as a mechanic her suit also doubles as her traveling companion that takes the shape of a large fox. DETAILS TBA.

(Note: the picture is the closest I could find to help visualize my character. Costume and skin color aside its pretty accurate considering I had to dig and dig past hyper-sexualized fox girl photos :/ )


Where did you come from?
Though my ancestors did not originate here, I was born upon the sky turtle, Tomo. The great Tomo himself recognized my birth as he believed I was born to do a great many things. The lush forests and mountainous terrain have always been my home. My clan known as the Ironskins were the only peoples who resided atop Tomo as they were the first and only race to find the legendary creature.

Where are you going and why?
With no clear destination in mind I travel on Captain Mako’s ship the Righteous Indignation to cause unfettered mayhem and see the world. At least, that is what I claim…

Where are your family (they don’t all have to be in one place, duh)
My clan and parents reside atop the shell of the mythical dragon turtle, Tomo in a sprawling forest city. My younger brother, Hayato, was sent at a very young age to Grand Citadel of Solas to train as a Lantern. My father, Hideki, is one of the Legendary Master Mechanics said to be unrivaled in his technological wonders. He has passed on his legacy on to me. My mother, Mirai, acts as clan leader due to her excellent negotiation skills and strong personality.

What is one unique thing about you?
My purple eyes.

How did you get that way?
I was born with these eyes.

What do you (the character) think/feel about that unique trait that you have?
As the only member of my clan with purple eyes I set myself apart from them as I believe I am meant for something more.

Akira Ironskin

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