Do you truly wish to die today?


Age: Unkknown, he is an immortal

Origin: rumored to be from beyond Invells

Class: Walker


Leader of a mysterious yet infamous mercenary corporation called the Reaper’s Fallen. His wise and mature behavior betrays his physical appearance as he looks to be in his late 20s to early 30s. Despite his unusual name and “friendly” nature he has an imposing aura that humbles even the most masculine of Invells population. Runs the largest information broker service in Invells and pulls the strings of other black operations in the World Crust, Island Rings and Cloud Seas, there are rumors that he even has agents within the Lantern temples on Sola’s Cage. Is indifferent to everyone’s beliefs and motivations. He does not care to help unless there is money or some benefit (always takes the bigger cut) to him and his corporation. During the war he participated on both sides depending on who paid more since his loyalties only lie with himself. Akira has personal ties (TBA) with Biggles. No one has any idea where his base of operations in since he has many hideouts scattered throughout Invells and never stays in one location. Always uses a double (they are magically transformed to looks like him). MORE INFORMATION TBA LATER.