Inverse World - Drill Through The Sky

A Mysterious Tower

Something Wicked This Way Comes

We once again join our heroes as they stumble upon a tall tower within the dense mists of the cloud sea. Out of the frying pan and into the oven! In their desperate escape from Sentry Island, they found their way to a seemingly abandoned place with a tower that seemed to reach upward forever.

Young Tetsu was able to fly to the globe shaped top, and on the way up he noticed a strange silhouette staring back at him from one of the windows.

Within, they found a mysterious workshop that contained equipment that none of them had seen before.

But they were not allowed to spend long examining the forbidden laboratory, as river of spiders poured from the walls! Suddenly it was a race to the top of the tower to escape, where they ran into spiders the size of horses.

Discovering that the beasts didn’t like light, they were able to buy some time with Izo’s light emitting power. Our heroes scooped up as many strange artifacts as they could carry in their attempt to escape the terrifying tower.

Just out of spite, Akira depleted all of Izo’s power reserves to sink the tower into the cloudsea below on their departure. But where would their perilous journey take them next…?


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